Home Discussion Forum Which Yoga postures are good for relieving lower back pain?

Which Yoga postures are good for relieving lower back pain?

Thanks! I am a yoga fanatic with extreme lower back pain. I may be doing my chatarangas (sp?) wrong..dunno…any suggestions?


  1. yoga can stimulate blood flow and relieve pain temporarily but you need to address the cause or it will get worse. here are the most common causes of lower back pain in younger people.
    1. poorly developed hip flexors
    2. lumbar spinal distortion
    3. cheap footwear with improper support
    4. underdeveloped hamstrings
    5. dehydration

  2. If your lower back pain is persistent, chances are that one of the bones of the lower back, most likely the sacrum, is misaligned. The way to take care of that is to visit a chiropractor.

  3. You think you may be doing chataranga wrong–if you’re letting your lower back sag as you lower, that could hurt your lower back. Use your abs to hold your back straight as you lower. If that’s not possible yet, there is nothing wrong with modifying by putting your knees down.
    Some other postures that would be good for your back are: bridge, chair, downward dog, cat/cow, and many others.

  4. Find out if bending backwards or forwards repeatedly relieves your pain. If you go back and it hurts, but then when you return to neutral, it feels the same or better, then keep doing it. Repeatedly. I’m talking like 20 or 30 times in a row. Don’t hold it like a stretch. Just on … off.
    Look up McKenzie method online.


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