Which would be more frightening, conscious life after death or to the absence of consciousness after death?






  1. I actually like the Jehovah Witness?s version of it. I don?t know where they think you go as soon as you die but they say people do get to go to a new earth. A paradise. A world similar to ours but much better.
    I like the sound of that because it would allow us to explore earth and space for as long as we want. Just more time to do whatever.
    Though, if that doesn?t happen then I won?t be disappointed because I simply won?t exist. So, right now is right now. I live this life as long as I can. When it ends I hope for the best and have faith. Though, if I am wrong then that is ok.

  2. That would depend on whether consiousness was still tied to the body or would be freed to some other plane of existence…if the former, I’d take nonexistence in a second over being trapped in a decaying body unless there was some indication it eventually led to reincarnation or some other active existence…an eternity of boredom holds no attraction at all.

  3. @ Hannah: I think he means which is more frightening NOW, when we do have consciousness.
    Without knowledge of what kind of consciousness one will have, I don’t think the question is really answerable.

  4. LIFE after this life is Eternal Life [Faith hope & love]. While death after this life is soul sleep down under [absent of consciousness] or that other place of death down under called death & hell.
    So it is most frightening to go the hell fire down under. That is absent from God & where death & fear & rejection… rule.
    Soul sleep is probably not that scary. Just resting until the time God calls them to either be born in the Millennium Reign of Christ or brought up to the last resurrection.
    Those in hell fire down under, will wait until the Great White Throne Judgment when death & hell give up the dead that is in them.
    Lady red wrote: conscious after death. laying there in the grave for who knows how long just waiting in darkness. the bible says the dead are sleeping until resurrection and judgment

    That is so true. But being in hell & conscious of it would be waiting in darkness…
    The dead [Those not yet born of the Spirit & cleansed by His Blood…] go down under, they either are sleeping or go to that other place, until the resurrection or the judgment. No one goes up to be with the Lord Jesus unless their soul is born spiritual. The spiritual-souls go up. They are part of the 1st Resurrection complete & raise up like Jesus raised up on Resurrection Day complete.

  5. For starters; you should ask what is more frightening to think about; as when you have no consciousness, you cannot fear anything.
    Whether it is more frightening to think about not existing, or knowing your dead; that depends on if you go to heaven or hell.

  6. The Bible is clear on this subject! There is no conscience after death!
    The idea of a conscience after death was added because it was a good idea… It gives the Clergy and the Preachers a reason to exist…
    Some of the most trustworthy Bible writers are telling like it is when we ALL die!
    Ecclesiastes 9:5 (NIV)
    For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward* (*not Heaven or Hell, but the grave is the final reward!), and even the memory of them is forgotten* (*Not true in all cases, but that?s what some primitive Bible writers knew at that time! King Solomon THE WISEST MAN EVER TO EXIST IN THIS WORLD is alleged to have written these claims, but there is no evidence outside of the Bible that he ever existed! Isn?t it a shame for all of us that the Bible God made him the ?wisest man ever to set foot on this World? and did not provide with any 3rd party verification?)!
    Ecclesiastes 9:10 (NIV)
    WHATEVER your hand finds to do, DO IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.
    Ecclesiastes 3:19 (NIV)
    Man’s fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath; man has no advantage over the animal. Everything is vanity.
    Christians and especially the Preachers reject this exceptional truth on the subject of life and death and anything else in the Bible that is detrimental to the Christian faith!
    The writers of the best BDSM book in the Bible, the Book of Job claim the same destiny for humankind? Christians believe the Bible rule that ?in the mouth of at least 2 witnesses all matters should be settled,? but not on this issue of what happens after we all die!
    Job 7:9 (NIV)
    As a cloud vanishes and is gone? so he who goes down to the grave does not return* (*not even with the ?hope? of a new ?glorified? body like Jesus got after his resurrection. BTW, Jesus body was full of holes. He invited Saint Thomas to insert his fingers and HIS WHOLE fist in one of his holes so he would believe that it was the Crucified Jesus who resurrected -John 20:27)!
    Preachers are very selective in what they want the Christians to believe from the Bible. Their income depends on it and it is perfectly legal in most countries! That is why there are so many Church brands in Christianity peddling their own ideas on how to interpret the Bible especially in a marketing society like America!

  7. idk…. if we had no consciousness we wouldn’t care anyways but it might be frightening for the first few minutes that we were dying…. i guess consciousnes would be more frightening

  8. conscious after death. laying there in the grave for who knows how long just waiting in darkness. the bible says the dead are sleeping until resurrection and judgment

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