Which witch costume should I be for halloween?

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Which witch costume should I be from the halloween express or sprit halloween website? I am in seventh grade, petite, blondish brownish hair, blue eyes, and about four eight.

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do what u feel like doing


gothic witch cuz they are cool


Which costume??? Are you trying to decide between two? ^^ You should give us the links to the costumes. Sweet, I saw the avatar costume I bought in walmart on the Halloween Express site. LOL


you should be one of those muffin girls! haha you know they come in like pink and blue i think??? maybe its blueberry/strawberrry not muffin idk!


I would suggest using a different website.
http://www.partycity.com/ is great.
http://www.partycity.com/product/teen+girls+sassy+witch+costume.do?sortby=ourPicks&size=all&from=Search I like this one!
Hope that helps!
If you don’t like that one just go to http://www.partycity.com/ and search teen which costumes.


Alice in the wonderland White witch.
White long wardrobe
white wig
black contacts http://www.cococontacts.com/contact_lenses/wild_vampire_black


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