Which type of yoga is suitable for beginners and will help me relax and have a calm mind?

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Im thinking of taking up yoga. I would need beginner classes as Ive never ever done yoga before or really go to the gym ( I jog on the treadmill at home only).
Which type would be best suited for a beginner like me. I want to get relaxation out of it. Im a very anxious person,

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Try hatha yoga it focuses largley on breathing and meditation but is also a great workout and tone.


Hi There,
Binaural beats are a fast and effective route to peace, calm and meditative states. They are great for people learning to relax and meditate because no extensive practise is required and you feel the benefits on first use. Just download listen with headphones and feel beatifully relaxed and at peace within minutes, guaranteed.
Very safe pleasant and natural. Not yoga I appreciate but hope this is helpful
Best wishes,

Jennifer G

You might want to try a DVD and practice in the privacy of your home for awhile. It sounds like you’re already in shape. I would try Yoga: Gentle Vinyasa Flow with Zyrka Landwijt. This DVD includes 6 different sessions, varying in length and difficulty. It also includes a separate “Pose Guide” which you should review first to learn the poses. I do this one several times a week. It’s extremely relaxing, and it also gives me an excellent stretch .


try some on
Choose those having difficulty level easy


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