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Which type of paganism is fit for me?

Is there a type that contains shamanism witchcraft and christianity?
If you’re gonna judge my beliefs then S***W YOU!!!


  1. Yup. Just do research. The lovely thing about paganism is you can have it fit you in whatever way is best. You can even mix beliefs between them because they’re pretty much all based on the same basis.
    -agnostic pagan (formerly Buddhist)

  2. You strike me as a Norse Pagan. Woship Thor: Get drunk and kill greatly. Enter Valhalla as one of the mightiest warriors of all time. Be Glory!

  3. Um…I suggest researching more about Paganism and deeply considering what you believe.
    On a quick note, I can suggest Christian Wiccan. There is a way to combine the two and books have been written on it.

  4. Greek and Roman Paganism’s. I believe in the Greek and Roman gods hope you know. well It’s your choice not mine I’m just Telling you about mine. You have to chose and learn yourself. You can be anything you want to be just have to believe. as long it not You’re not breaking the law of course.

  5. Don’t laugh at this before you try it. It is a web site with a ridiculously “campy” name but it is reasonably accurate, and the questions it asks are profound. It’s called “Belief-o-Matic” (cringe).
    All of my Unitarian Universalist friends who have taken it have agreed with the results. So have a couple of liberal Christians. It may help you.
    The pagans I know here in the US are Wiccan. They don’t do much Shamanism, if any. The ones I knew in Sarawak did a lot of Shamanism, but no Christianity.

  6. Voodoo, Santeria, or Macumba are the ones that come to mind.
    If you take Christianity out of the mix, and instead use some basic ethics such as treat others the way you want to be treated, and some sort of asking for and giving forgiveness, you’ve got a lot of things open to you using Northern European Witchcraft and whatever sort of native beliefs you want mixed in.
    Shamanism, although used generically, is a term that only refers to a particular tribe of Eskimos.
    I’d suggest that you read _Drawing Down the Moon_ by Margot Adler. She gives a brief overview of many types of paganisms practiced today, especially in North America. If one appeals to you, find out more about it. Then, perhaps look for some people practicing it in your area.

  7. I don’t know that you’ll take this the right way but Hitler decided his Aryan beliefs were based on religious ideas of Christianity mixed with different pagan religions.
    So you don’t fall into whatever delusion he had, I would take a course in world religions and find out what they have in common and what they don’t.
    This website is supposed to have a lot of audio lectures…different subjects including many religious ones.

  8. do some research find what best suits you or simply be eclectic just make sure it suits you personally christian wicca could be interesting for you

  9. you will find shaman studies from many different belief systems from native american to buddha … witchcraft is simply the craft of magic, again falls into many belief systems, you may choose which feels like the best fit … to keep your jesus roots you are looking for one of the many beliefs which has obtaining christs consciousness as their goal.
    there is no which paganism, for paganism includes many
    for me … native american shamanism
    kabbalah magik
    buddhist and tao conditioning in reaching christs consciousness

  10. That is a question only YOU can answer. Study the various paths…but do not find a path that suits you, rather suit yorself to the path. Christianity is NOT Paganism. That is a contradiction of beliefs. Many pagans believe that Jesus exixted as a Man and possibly a prophet.


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