Which type of meditation has been shown to be most effective?

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I have been told that there has been a study of meditating monks where their brain activity was monitored. One type of meditation had the most effect on brain activity or brain waves. Does anybody know what it is?

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I am not 100 % sure but it could be repeating a certain mantra, mantras which are powerful & carry certain sound resonances…I know of a few but don’t know how they’re pronounced, & I’m pretty sure you have to be taught…
I did learn about this from a certain Buddhist religion but don’t know if I’m allowed to pass it on!?
other than that, there is the slient one where you just sit & observe your breath & look into what seems like a point of light (not a canlde usually as it flickers)…


going for a walk in the woods/seaside etc is good for depression and so is meditating on these places

the bottler

I believe it is TM. But it can make your breathing dangerous


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