Which type of magick should i use to make all my desires manifest?






  1. answer: if you’re looking towards your selfish goals, you’re not ready for magic. Most people with those goals aren’t prepared to actually do the work and expend the energy, in real life or through magic. Try a course in real estate or sell used cars.

  2. One should not rely on magick.
    One should rely on the Power of the One that created magick.
    One should rely on the Power that is responsible for the creation of all manifestations.
    Otherwise one will fall prey to illusion.

  3. Magick is just focusing the will. So you have a number of options. Either you can harness your will and put it to work as others have suggested. For this you can use sigils, ritual or just something as simple as making a list. In this way you externalise your desires.
    The alternative is to make the changes internal ones. Change the way that you see the world. In some ways this is more practical. By choosing to want what you have, valuing those things and choices available to you, you can make a world of change both to your appreciation of life and feeling of self. To this end you can use chaos magick or any of the above.
    The important thing is focus. How you then set about making the changes (ie: what type of magick you wish to employ) is not important. So long as it has meaning and significance to you.
    What this means in practise is that you must find your own way, for only then will it truly have meaning and power for you. Someone else’s rituals or spells will never be as effective as those you ‘grow’ yourself.
    May fortune and wisdom smile upon you.

  4. Depends on your desires, but I wouldn’t count on magic giving you everything you’ve ever wanted. Real magic is subtle, doesn’t work against nature. It can be a help as you go for your goals, but it doesn’t do it for you if you’re not working towards them in other ways. It’s not instant gratification.

  5. I have recently developed an interest in sigil magick myself. My basic understanding of sigil magic is creating a personal physical sigil with letters/numbers/design, then ‘charging’ the sigil with your personal energy, and placing it on your altar during ritual. I think that we can all agree that symbolism is very important during ritual and magick in theory, so sigil magick should work exceptionally well. However, I do agree with the others, you should also put forth real effort into achieving your goals, non-magickally. I wish you the best of luck and I’ve given your question a star.

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