Home Discussion Forum which two famous people do you love who are absolute opposites.?

which two famous people [dead or alive] do you love who are absolute opposites.?

isnt it strange to think that you are the link between these two people.
two of mine are
jim morrison and krishnamurti
spike milligan and buddha


  1. Musician wise it would be John Lennon-Black Sabbath.
    I am sure that each has listened to each other’s music .
    O.J. Simpson-Jim Kelly sports wise.obviously one has conducted his live a whole lot different but both are on the “wall of fame ” in Ralph Wilson Stadium home of the Buffalo Bills.
    Abraham Lincoln-Bill Clinton..both Presidents ,two different parties.,not too many similarities,although Bill had a beard in his younger days.

  2. John Lennon and Princess Diana. They both did their own thing and spoke their minds no matter what the cost, changed the world in their own way, loved their families, stood up against criticism and died far too young. I forgot the “opposite thing”. He was male and she was female and you can’t get more opposite than that.

  3. Brad Pitt and Benecio del Toro
    One is gorgeous and has little upstairs. The next is gorgeous and is very intelligent. Weird but cool question.

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