Home Discussion Forum Which states in the United States have lots of pagan residents?

Which states in the United States have lots of pagan residents?

I’m looking for a suitable state to live in, with not too many christians and republicans, I seek to be among peers of similar beliefs. Please do not suggest anything from California. Any cities and/or communities in mentioned states helps too.


  1. I heard that Vermont is pretty liberal. Think they passed a law allowing the arrest of Bush if he ever visited the State (btw, he never did actually visit Vermont, lol)….sounds good.

  2. Hippy ? Sheesh, I haven’t heard that one in a while…
    like about 40 years.
    Anyway, why don’t you come to Arizona ? We have
    lots of pagans, artists, GLBT people, native American
    culture, etc. Great weather except for daytime in the
    summer (but the nights are lovely) relatively low cost
    of living and some really beautiful scenery.

  3. It seems there are pockets where Paganism is flourishing. i.e. in Eastern Massachusets, in Ashville North Carolina, in Western New York, in Los Angeles. . . But I can’t name a single state.

  4. We have a pretty large pagan community here in Taxachusetts…er…I mean Massachusetts. 😉 Central to Eastern Mass. especially.
    Of course, we have our share of Christian churches too, but I don’t see Christians giving the pagans a hard time on a regular basis. Many of my friends are Christian and they’re just fine with me being pagan.
    And our Governor is a Democrat.
    But this is the land of high taxes, high cost of living, and health care reform (which basically means we have to have health insurance whether we can afford it or not, and if we don’t carry a plan we’ll be penalized and the money for what a health plan would cost for the year taken from our taxes.) Lots of folks out of work round here all vying for the same jobs too. Might not be the best time to move to Mass.

  5. I live in Asheville NC. We are a mecca for New Agers, lots of pagans here. Surrounding areas aren’t as quite as great about it but eh, nothing super bad has come of it.


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