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Which state in the USA has the largest pagan population?

I am a pantheist pagan and had a curious question. Which state in America has the largest pagan population? I would define pagan as polytheist, pantheist, wiccan, druid, nature worship, or any type of earth-based religion. My guess is that the Pacific Northwest probably has very many but I am not sure.


  1. At a guess I would say California, since it has such a large population to start with and seems to have a significant neopagan population.

  2. I would say Hawaii, since they still worship some of the old Hawaiian Gods there.
    Other than that, though, there’s no telling. Probably a liberal state.

  3. As a solitary Wiccan, that is a question I would love to know the answer to! I think that would be difficult to calculate seeing as, (sadly) not many pagans reveal themselves. I hate that people of our kind still find it necessary to keep their identities hidden. With the way society is today, I find it is only hurting us staying quiet and in the shadows.

  4. I am in Hawaii and so far, the pagan population is very low…….but I have only been here for two months
    Massachusetts has a decent population. I guess it depends on who wants to reveal themselves.

  5. i would guess D.C or New york or california.
    D.C has the highest crime rates
    and Califnornia has the worst voting record, even when it comes to upholding the constituion. but i dont know

  6. i heard the biggest population of witches is in Australia. i know thats not the question but just thought you might like to know haha. also id think it would be a state with lots of forest.

  7. Probably California simply because of the fact that it’s so populated … but there’s also a lot of pagans in the Northwest as you suggested, especially in Portland and Seattle. Out east I’d say definitely Massachusetts and Connecticut, in addition to areas of Vermont.


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