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Which Sign/Aspect would devote their Life into Learning/Applying New Age, Occult, Magick etc..?

Like they would devote themselves into the paranormal, meditation, visualization and manipulating energy.
I’m very interested in this stuff and have been trying to apply it in my life. I’ve had some success but I can’t make myself devote to it. But I read that there are actually some people who would isolate themseves from everybody and try to find the power within themselves.


  1. make sure your learning and devotions are to meditate and relax your mind body and spirit in a positive way, dont mess with witch craft and dark magic because your sould will not be relaxed and in touch with your inner self, it would be devoted to the devil which can be very bad for you.

  2. People with a moon in Virgo and Cancer have a strong need to learn the occult.
    If you truly want to do it you’ll find your quiet time to get into it, I think it depends on your current lifestyle if you can devote that much time to it or not.
    (Love your picture!)

  3. I have a big interest for the paranormal and supernatural stuff and have thought that been a researcher would suit me a lot,but I wouldn’t isolate myself.It’s no fun with no partners.
    Usually signs attracted to this kind of stuff are Scorpio,Sagittarius(not so often though),Aquarius and Pisces.
    So I’d guess a heavy influence from the rulers of those signs could make one very interested in pursuing these kinds of lives.

  4. It’s all about the 8th house and Scorpio…Venus or Jupiter in 8th, Jupiter in Scorpio or Scorpio placements in 5th.


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