Which side of Feng Shui coins should be facing if worn in a necklace?

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According to Feng Shui in almost every Chinese coins a particular side of the coins should be facing towards us. This is easy to follow when the coins are hung or are kept flat in say a table.
But if the coins (or coins) is worn in necklace where the particular side of the coins that should be facing towards us should face?

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I don’t understand your question, please edit.

Human Being Human

I’ve never known them to be worn in the way you describe
When they are placed in a wallet of purse they are placed in such a way when the purse or Wallet in placed on a table or whatever they are facing up [ This is the side with the most characters on ]
This is only a hunch but I would suspect they are worn facing outwards as with all symbols that are worn about the neck it would seem to be this way
Hope this helps


am not really a fan of this practice. bec it is not as effective or powerful as the fengshui methods like flying stars, 8 mansions, etc. but i believe the face with the designs should face up, then the other side with the chinese characters faces down.

Oranger Q

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