Which should I take tai chi at the zen temple or taijichuan at the shaolin temple?

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Taijiquan is the original…if you can, learn at the temple. If by zen you mean ‘chan’, it’s the same thing in Chinese culture.

Sensei Scandal

How do you associate Tai Chi and “Zen Temple”?
Do you even know what you are talking about? You need to know that even though there are many, many knuckleheads here who don’t know what they are talking about, there are a few people here who do know and can easily see through the nonsense.
So come with the right info.


There are many styles of Taijiquan. Chen Shi Taijiquan is the parent style from which all others were developed. The Shaolin have their own style too but why would u need to study it at a temple. Just search google for qualified instructors in ur area.


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