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which should i get her?

ok well my girlfriends birthday is coming i dont know what to get……. a citrine necklace or a topaz necklace….they are both the same price what should i get?
her birthday is november 28…these are both birthstones right?


  1. u should give her birthday sex(: j-kayy
    i recommend u to give her somthing made from the heart not a necklace! she’ll love that more then a necklace, trust me!!

  2. i dont no if they are birthstones or not…. but i think you should get what you want to get…. make it come from the heart your heart it will make her and you feel so much better!!!!

  3. topaz is november’s birthstone.
    but i think topaz is ugly, so maybe u should just get her any cute necklace.
    thumbs up for remembering ur girlfriend’s birthday, i think that’s really sweet,
    i hope u find something to get her.!

  4. ehh neither.. its a cute gift, but its nothing she would want to brag about. i say engrave something really cute on the nicklace like an insider, or quote, or something to add like pazazz.. its not a gift she would remember you know? anyways best wishes.. my birthdays on november 26 so happy birthday(:


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