Home Discussion Forum which school of Buddhism would you choose and why?

which school of Buddhism would you choose and why?

Hi there,
After some time reading and joining some meditation sessions in different schools of Buddhism I came to realise that if I want to get somewhere I better stick to one practice-tradition.
But I find them all so deep and interesting that it’s becoming a hard choice.
I see Theravada maybe as a more direct technique, but Zen is so beautiful and rich! Tibetan is the one with least points, but I’m open to your arguments if you see it as the best option.
Thank you very much!

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  1. As the basis of it all is rather flimsy go with the one you feel most comfortable with. Rather intrigued by the mix of Hinduism and Buddhism you get in places like Bhutan – a rather odd synthesis when you think how radically different their roots are.

  2. I am a Zen Buddhist. It just works for me, and makes more sense to me – because I choose to assist others in their path. I can sacrifice my own chance at Nirvana, if I can help others attain it.
    But, I’m still a student of Lord Buddha’s teachings.

  3. I’m a zen buddhist personnally. It is in the mahayana tradition, but should have no texts or tenants. Theravadin may be the earliest but it doesn’t make it the most direct teaching, for Zen began based on a singular truth that the other disciples missed, that of simply Being.
    Tibetan does have many points, and much mystcism which the Western mind can object to, whereas Zen is simply a way of thinking and being.
    Whilst all the schools practice meditation, Zen emphasises it the most, with just meditating and no lessons.

  4. vajrayana the diamond vehicle. it’s the quick path, straight and direct to enlightenment. I follow Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism. Have you read of Milarepa? If not please do I think you will love the story of his path. I think though that it boils down to which one you feel the deepest connection with. Also perhaps with a teacher that you feel a deep connection with. I love HH Dalai Lama and my root guru is H.E. Garchen Rinpoche. (another good story for a buddhist to at least read about.) (www.garcheninstitute.org)

  5. I chose to be a member of Soka Gakkai, Because it’s roots are based on the Lotus Sutra, the only Sutra that promotes equality of all human beings which of course includes women. Unlike other Sutrats that say you have to be reborn as a man before you can attain enlightenment. I also like Soka Gakkai efforts to promote Peace, Culture, and education ,even though some buddhist who follow different Buddhists schools slander us. Just look at what they are doing for world peace, and look at what we are doing, You decide.

  6. Hi there, I am just a very new person to Buddhism, finding it difficult to find how many different paths there are. Can anyone help me? 🙂 thankyou


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