Which religions view sex as a primary evil?

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I’m trying to compare between religions in terms of their attitudes towards sex.
Other than the monotheistic religions, what other religions look at sex as a primary evil?
What are the attitudes in Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Taoism, etc?

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Well Gnosticism regards flesh as evil, but they are dualists and not monotheistic.


Punjabis – they regard sex as evil

dogpatch USA

Devil worshipers believe in it .


Excellent question.
The Hindu religion marries sex and spirituality which is, I think, why they don’t have therapists.
The western religions as a rule have devised a terrible split between the spiritual and the sexual, and this was, and remains, a big mistake. A full body slam on St Paul for creating this disconnect between God and Life.
Buddhism requires a very skillful approach to sex but there too certain practices merge the spiritual and sexual—but not in a promiscuous fashion by any means.


Its not hinduism because im Hindu. i think its Muslim. im not sure. i think its people in Pakistan and places like that

Abby S

NONE OF THOSE! how ignorrant can you be?
none of those who you memtion has nothing do to abt sex.
also the answer is Christians do.
sometimes it seems like they are more sex crazy than jesus crazy…


Celebatists. Girl Scouts, Cub scouts. NonClintonians.


The eastern cultures are natural towards it and so don’t have the problems that we in the west do, which stem from sexual repression as a result of a misinterpretation of the sin concept …original sin. Repression causes resistance, and what we resist persists. In the west, there is a preoccupation with sex because the mental poisoning of misinterpreted religion spawned resistance (guilt). Notice how in the west people use the names of genitals to insult others. They would never think to do that in the east because they associate genitalia to love and beauty of sexual expression. In other words: we’re a mess over here.


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