Which Religions Belong Under Which Categories:?

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Abrahamic Religions consist of: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, & Baha’i.
Dharmic Religions consist of: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, & Sikhism.
Oriental Religions consist of: Taoism, Confucianism, Shinto, & Cao Dai.
How about the following religions:
Universal Unitarianism,
New Age,
North American Spirituality,
Australian & New Zealand Spirituality,
Various tribal cults, etc?
For liberalasskicker: Yes, Baha’ism is an Abrahamic religion.

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Liberal AssKicker

Bahai is NOT Abrahamic.


Wicca and Asatru belong under the Neo-Pagan Religions classification.
North American Spirituality and Australian & New Zealand Spirituality fall under the Meso-Pagan heading.
“New Age” is a collection of techniques which is often devoid of religious content or, when it does have religious content, has a Christian slant.

Secret Agent of God (BWR)

I don’t think New Age is a religion. It’s more a philosophy or mixture of religions.

Be Blessed

Correction! Islam & Baha’i DO NOT fall under the Abrahamic Religions.


Bahai and Islam are fake.
They are not Abrahamic.
“Allah” in the Quran is nothing like God in the Bible.


real islam
fake the rest


Abrahamic Religions consist of: Judaism, Christianity, You forget one Patriarchal these are God’s. The rest are man’s.
Only one is in force now, Christianity.
Heb 7:12 For the priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the law.

Tristan K

Zoroastrianism: precursor to Abrahamic religions
Scientology: Weird psycho cult
Rastafarianism & Voodoo: Native Caribbean religions


Who cares?
Or how about put them all in the one: Retarded…Amen


I thought Hinduism was of the Veda?
Zoroastrianism would be Middle Eastern, it used to be practiced in Persia, after Persia fell, it has survived, but less practicers. not sure what area of religious groups this would fall under, but I know it’s philosophies are of Dualism.
Voodoo, or Vodun, is from some of the African cultures practices but Voodoo came about when the Americans were crossing the Ocean to capture them. Voodoo has many of the old African practices, but worships the Catholic Apostles.
Santeria is also another Catholic religion formed about the same time. the practices here are from different cultures and religions of Africa, as it was founded in a different area of Africa. Voodoo and Santeria are both technically Catholic, which is a form of Christianity, so essentially, Christian.
Asatru or Heathenism is an Ancient Pagan religion. it would fall under Pagan. as for area it started, that would be the Norse, or Northern Europe.
Wicca is a heavily Christian influenced form of Paganism which practices Witch Craft. this would be a Christian sect, not Pagan like many believe.
Gypsies are not a religion. contrary to common belief, a Gypsy is a person who constantly travels from place to place looking for work.
Shamanism, not a religion, but a spiritual practice. Shamans known by other names would include: Priests(esses), High Priests(esses), Bishops, Witch Doctors, Medicine Men, and so forth. if I recall correctly, a Pope is technically not a Shaman.
as for the others you have mentioned, I know little to nothing about them, ergo, am incapable of determining where they fall.
Edit: Prairiecrow- Asatruars have been around thousands of years before Snory Von Beitenstein re-founded it.


The three great faiths called Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were born of an event that each remembers as a moment in history, when the One True God appeared to an Iron Age sheik named Abram and bound him in a covenant forever. Abram is the later Abraham, the father of all believers and the linchpin of the faith, and indeed the theology, from which the three communities of that God’s worshipers emerged. The history of monotheism had begun.
Abraham had eight sons by three women: Ishmael by his wife’s servant Hagar, Isaac by his wife Sarah and six by his wife Keturah.
Adherents of the Bahá’í faith believe their founder, Bahá’u’lláh, to have been a descendant of both Keturah and Sarah.


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Consciousness from an evolutionary point of view serves no purpose at all!
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