Which religions believe in (and allow the practice of) magick?

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Joeq D

All of them. Religion IS magic.


All except Christianity

Silly Salamander

Most varieties of Neopaganism (maybe all, but I don’t want to generalize), Thelema, Satanism, Luciferianism, Vodun, Santeria, Candomble, Quimbanda, most indigenous religions, etc.


witchcraft so avoid that.


wicca – pegan

Heavy Metal Jesus

Mine does! Though it is called Command, and not magic. Also look up “Istari”.

Advice Witch

Neo-paganistic religions.


It depends on the meaning of your term magick. Certainly Wicca, Druidism, Celtic paganism, Strega, Voodoo, Santeria and other non Judeo-Christian based religions believe in and allow the practice of spell craft (assuming that is what you mean by magick). Norse traditions do not have the thoughts regarding spell craft and it is not used. Buddhists don’t do magick, either do Hindus, Muslim or Scientologists. All tribal religions believe in a practice magick, but usually only by the tribal priest, shaman, etc. Oh, and Unitarian Universalists allow magic as they have no specific religious text or tradition and all types of spiritual practice is accepted.


No Christian Conservatives I know of tolerate the practice of magic, divination, the occult, witchcraft or Satanism. Even small ‘dabblings’ are discouraged because they open doors…like taro cards, ouija boards, (sp.). These are directly in opposition to
Christian Conservatism. Many religions do allow
or even cultivate the practice of magic, spells, etc.
spiritualism. Horoscopes to most Christian Conservatives are an attempt to practice magic.
I do not read them. To me they are the occult.
It is my choice. My right, my belief.
Religion is not necessarily Christianity. You may find many religions which believe in and cultivate spiritualism , magic, the occult. You will not find
Christian Conservatives doing that, not true ones.
There is true occult and pseudo occult and real magic and pseudo magic. One leads into the other, be very very careful Dangerous grounds here.


All of them.
Some of them just don’t know that they do.


The pagan religions, such as Wicca, Druid, etc.


I’m with LabGrrl.


Hi. Wiccan is a respected religion of the old religious practices. It’s basic and physical where true Christianity has surpassed and is more spiritually practiced. It cuts to the chase.


All of them, although if you’re Christian you can’t call it that. I have a number of references which address the fact that many of the Psalms are also spells and giving instructions on how to use them, the Catholic Novena is an excellent example, as are any attempts by Protestants to use prayer to get what they want rather than as an expression of gratitude for what they have or as an exaltation of their God.


magick with a k… paganism, neo-paganism, and wicca. Witchcraft does too obviously, but witchcraft isnt a religion.
Other types of magic? well pretty much every religion does… catholics believe that the wafer and wine at mass is converted into the body and blood of christ…. sounds like magic to me with the priests doin their little ritual on the altar.

[…] to most Christian Conservatives are an attempt to practice magic. I do not read them. … “christian conservatism” – Google Blog Search This entry was posted in Conservative Commentary and tagged allow, believe, magick, Practice, […]


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