Home Discussion Forum Which religion is better at keeping a country peaceful, you think?

Which religion is better at keeping a country peaceful, you think?

Top 25 countries with lowest homocide rate (2000-2008)
1. Pakistan (Islam)
2. Burma (Theravada Buddhism)
3. Morocco(Islam)
4. Singapore(Buddhist)
5. Japan(Buddhist)
6. Oman(Islam)
7. Hong Kong(Local Religions/Shamanism)
8. United Arab Emirates(Islam)
9. Greece(Greek Orthodox Catholic)
10. Qatar(Islam)
11. Norway (Atheist)
12. Denmark(Atheist)
13. Austria(Roman Catholicism)
14. Luxembourg(Roman Catholicism)
15. Ireland(Roman Catholicism)
16. Saudi Arabia(Islam)
17. Netherlands(Protestant)
18. Bahrain(Islam)
19. Germany(Protestant/Roman Catholic)
20. Kuwait(Islam)
21. Iceland(Atheist)
22. Indonesia(Islam)
23. Japan(Buddhist)
24. Syria(Islam)
25. Tunisia(Islam)
Sources: Wiki / CIA World FactBook
What I found interesting is the fact that Buddhism and Islam dominates the top ten. AND the USA is listed number 75(rate 5.9), But Iran as number 63(rate 2.93), having a much lower homocide rate than the USA.
So why do people constantly attack Islam for being violent and non-peaceful, when in fact the christian USA doesn´t even make it to the top 25?


  1. I am surprised that Pakistan, an Islamic country, is at the top. I have to admit, if those statistics are accurate, then that would change my perspective on what is peaceful quite a lot.
    Edit: “So why do people constantly attack Islam for being violent and non-peaceful, when in fact the christian USA doesn´t even make it to the top 25?”
    If everyone in America was Christian, then I think it would make it to top 25. In Pakistan, for example, it is not common to find someone living there who is not a Muslim, and thus less conflicts occur in the name of religion.

  2. Are you sure? Pakistan has the lowest murder rate in the world? Then Burma? I guess they don’t count the state sponsored murder of opposition party members and monks?

  3. Buddhism is very peace full as far as I know.. and on the other note
    America is a multicultural country made up of many different religions so why does that have anything to do with it?
    It is not just a Christian country..like your stating

  4. shouldn’t that depend on the region of the world the country is in? I mean, it’s really ALL THE SAME GOD, so maybe somebody in the North Pole should believe and worship someone in Africa…?

  5. Well First off
    why do Muslims keep attacking each other just for being of different parts of the SAME RELIGION
    I don’t know why we ignorant americans are in there but i think that if we were to leave now Iraq and other countries would blow themselves away
    we should’ve gotten out of the middle east long ago
    Also because Again americans are arrogant and ignorant
    they only care about them self, most don’t know anything about the world and if they do they say they are better.
    some people just don’t know the value of a human life other then their own which sucks
    god I hate my country but I love that I can say it.

  6. All kind religion is best in keeping Peace….
    but …
    their believers who believe their religion is the best and the only way (to reach GOD), they see their religion in such unfit angel (perspective), miss interpretations, read verses as it wrote, hold them as doctrines, not trying to analyze how verses (bible, Koran…etc) can teach us a universal values and morality…
    they have eye but they didn’t use it, they have heart but they can think wisely…

  7. Religion is one thing to consider, but you need to throw all the sub-cultures into the equation for a fair look at society.

  8. Peace in a country is not dependent on the kind of religion that the state adopts — Peace will come only if all members of a country follow the same religion — in fact that is practically the only way possible to bring true peace to the entire world. If there are no religious or ideological differences among people, 90% of violence will end in this world. And if people start adhering to the tenets of religion properly, then even the remaining 10% trouble arising out of greed, theft and robbery will come to an end. For this, such a religion should be selected that has solutions for all kinds of problems facing human society.

  9. It depends on whether or not you equate peace with the number of reported homicides or the number of people who dont get reported?
    and you sure thats not down to much harsher punishement and flagrent human rights abuse’s that keep the peace?
    and dont islamic countries tend to have far less integration of other cultures and backgrounds than most western societies?

  10. None.
    Religion is for all humanity.
    There is no religion for a family or a province, a nation.
    Today, we have division everywhere, even in one family. And the reason is that humanity are not yet mature to consider seriously the relation of men with the One True God, their Creator.
    Things may change miraculously in this age when all artificial barriers are being broken down.

  11. Your question only concentrates on “religion”. There are many other factors-population size, gun control laws/availability, legal system/punishment, and cultural issues such as organized crime, illegal drug trade, gangs, etc.
    Also, a country may be considered to be a certain religion, but if you go into the houses and really know the people, most likely they will not be an authentic practitioner/follower of their religion, and don’t truly represent the religion they have been labeled to be. Statistic about religion are very superficial.
    I think that you did not post this answer to actually receive answers to your question. The real reason you asked this question was to boost Buddhism and Islam.

  12. I’m very sceptical about that list.Both Burma and Pakistan are ridden by civil war.The Burmese government recently beat down a peaceful revolt violently.
    Norway and Denmark are not Atheist, both countries are protestant.Germany is only partly catholic and so on.And no way there are less homicides in an african country like Morocco than in Japan.Btw. Japan appears twice on that list.
    In general, I wouldn’t trust statistics from countries under dictatorship such as Burma and Pakistan or countries that have a very low standard of living, they usually lack the means to to compile a trustworthy statistic.Dictatorshps will not give correct information on anything that might be embarassing for them.


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