Which race invested meditation philosophy; the oriental or caucasian?





I think the group of ppl who invested this philosophy is genius and deeply understand the nature.
I thought the caucasian ppl invented it since, Buddhism occurred in india and buddha studied meditation from Hinduism but why does ppl who claim that they can manage to use a power of this philosophy is only the oriental ppl and russian?


  1. What a lot of crap? I am caucasion and no we are not superior to other races. Second point Koreans, Japanese and Chinese races are Oriental and nothing to do with 40’s or anything else.

  2. (English) Dictionary:
    Oriental – means asian (/lowly : rather in an offensive term)
    caucasian – means europoid/aryan/whites/superior
    The aryan theory, invented by british, is totally false. This would be an interesting read:
    Meditation, not just the physical yoga , but the deep intuitive 1000’s of years of intuition/seeking of truth was practiced by the indian rishis of himalayas. Thus, acc. to the English dictionary, meditation, was a product of the lowly, intellectual orientals 😉

  3. Ohh God, your Caucasians didn’t invent Meditation.
    Give us all non-caucasians a break.
    And this is not the 40s, stop calling them Orientals.

  4. meditation has been around for thousands of years and different types of meditation are located within all nations and religions. however, i think the first recorded instances are located in the Hindu Upanishads which were written in India. i believe that East Indians are technically considered “caucasian” based on their bone structure, because being caucasian is not based solely on skin color.

  5. I’m sure people of all races practiced meditation in some way before buddhism and hinduism were even inveNted. It’s impossible to know for sure.
    * what r u guys on about? caucasian and oriental are both appropriately used in this question.

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