I think the group of ppl who invested this philosophy is genius and deeply understand the nature.
I thought the caucasian ppl invented it since, Buddhism occurred in india and buddha studied meditation from Hinduism but why does ppl who claim that they can manage to use a power of this philosophy is only the oriental ppl and russian?


  • What a lot of crap? I am caucasion and no we are not superior to other races. Second point Koreans, Japanese and Chinese races are Oriental and nothing to do with 40’s or anything else.

  • (English) Dictionary:
    Oriental – means asian (/lowly : rather in an offensive term)
    caucasian – means europoid/aryan/whites/superior

    The aryan theory, invented by british, is totally false. This would be an interesting read:

    Meditation, not just the physical yoga , but the deep intuitive 1000’s of years of intuition/seeking of truth was practiced by the indian rishis of himalayas. Thus, acc. to the English dictionary, meditation, was a product of the lowly, intellectual orientals 😉

  • Ohh God, your Caucasians didn’t invent Meditation.
    Give us all non-caucasians a break.

    And this is not the 40s, stop calling them Orientals.

  • meditation has been around for thousands of years and different types of meditation are located within all nations and religions. however, i think the first recorded instances are located in the Hindu Upanishads which were written in India. i believe that East Indians are technically considered “caucasian” based on their bone structure, because being caucasian is not based solely on skin color.

  • I’m sure people of all races practiced meditation in some way before buddhism and hinduism were even inveNted. It’s impossible to know for sure.

    * what r u guys on about? caucasian and oriental are both appropriately used in this question.

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