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Which Path of Magic is the greater?

I hear people preaching wicca, animism, shamanism, Ritualistic, necromancy, what-have you. who amongst you will tell me which is the greater and why??


  1. I like dahomean voodoo and macumba, because they are the least perverted by wetsern civilization–they haven’t been christianized, so to speak

  2. i dont think either of those are better than any, they all follow one concept, and that’s belief. The more you believe in something, the stronger it becomes…to you.

  3. well there is high magic and low magic low magic is what you do when you want something ex. money things like that and high magic is what you do to connect with something a god or goddes. when you are seeking knowledge and enlightenment.
    i would say that high magic is the way to go it really doesn’t matter what path you choose, find the one that fits do some reasearch i myself work with egyptian gods.

  4. It’s perception. Which religion is closer to god? catholic or christian?
    I follow the celtic path, because the old ways appeal to me, not because it has more pwer than any other path. Anyone doing it for the gain of power, has nothing, and will gain nothing.

  5. Necromancy is awesome… so is Shamanism. Shaman though, I would not consider magic, since they are kind of like witch doctors.

  6. I practice wicca. Its my life’s belief. I dont really show it other than what I believe in side of my self but truely magick can be preformed by anyone.. wiccan or not. Everyone possesses the ability to change energy

  7. They’re all good. Try them out. Just be careful and be ethical.
    BTW, those are not distinct groups. Wicca can contain animism, shamanism, ritualistic and even communion with the spirits of the dead. Necromancy, BTW, is just speaking with the dead. Games like Dungeons and Dragons and fantasy fiction have eroded the term into meaning any magic involving the dead.
    For shamanism, I’d recommend Michael Harnar’s _Way of the Shaman_. While some say that you should really go out into the wilderness and experience shamanism out there (which is a fine idea), Harnar’s approach, which involves listening to drum music and the like and then going on a guided meditation, has worked amazingly well for me and it was actually taught to him by various Native American shamans (so some tribes actually use those techniques).
    For magic in general, I’d take a look at Isaac Bonewits’ _Real Magic_. (That might explain why everything your talking about is really one lump of stuff that is just used with different symbols and with different ethics or lack thereof by different groups.)
    I don’t know what you mean by Ritualistic. If you’re talking about Ceremonial Magic (magic derived mainly from Rennaissance Europe and involving elaborate ceremonies), Israel Regardie’s _The Golden Dawn_ might be a place to start, although it’s specifically the Golden Dawn tradition.
    But, in my opinion, magic is fairly meaningless unless it’s accompanied by personal development. If you just want power, you may well miss the forest for the trees. I’d highly recommend transforming yourself before you try to change the universe, through such things as Qabala, elemental balancing, planetary work, chakra alignment and anything else that works with transforming your soul and making you a better person. 🙂 Also, be wary of letting ego build up in yourself. Working with stuff that is intended to change your universe gets your ego off. If you’re not careful, you can come under the delusion that only you matter and may end up hurting others, getting bad consequences for your bad actions, and ultimately hurting yourself. Remember that society has the right to stop people from doing bad things, so if you go out and start hurting others, society has every right to stop you, such as, say, putting you in prison (if you do something like murder or rape).

  8. There is no one true path and really no all powerfull magic. it all depends on you and what feels right to you.If you practice one just because someone says it has more power but it really doesnt seam like the right path for you than you are not going to get anything out of it. BTW you should not choose your path in life because of the power you think it holds that is abuse to religion no matter what religion it may be Catholic , Christian , Pagon etc. and Power as you call it for personal gain will just backfire in your face please be very carefull…. Blessed be

  9. Whichever resonates most deeply with you will be the greater. Wicca is the one that resonates with me, and it is very powerful. However, you might not feel the same if you explore it.

  10. It really isn’t a question of which is greater – they all have appropriate uses. (And, honestly, some of what you listed aren’t paths of magic, but belief systems.) It depends upon what your beliefs are, and where your talents are.


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