Which Pagan God did the Christians corrupt to create the Demon commonly known as Beelzebub?

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Seeing as how much of Christianity is really pagan tradition just “christianized” and that they corrupted Pagan gods to create Demons I figure Beelzebub was some Pagan God too. If he is which one is he?

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Raith [strawberry + cupcake]

I think he was based off the Canaanite god Baal.

Its all load of crap. No religion was written by God it was all written by man to gain power,control and wealth over the people of this world. I believe in God but i have no perception of what God looks like or what God wants from us,if God does want anything. God is what ever or who ever created the universe,the rest that comes from religous books is utter tripe,stories to scare children and weak minded. There is no Baal,Devil,Satan or any other demons or demi gods,just bad spirits with a chip on their shoulder.


You are such a fool


no, he’s the devil

Mr. Peter

I think the whole devil thing came from pagan religions that worshipped goats and had a goat gods.
Maybe the christians corrupted the image of the goat gods and made them more like demons.

It's That Guy

The name Beelzebub comes from Ba’al Zebub, the name of a deity worshipped in the Philistine city of Ekron. He was seen as an ‘evil’ deity by the Hebrews long before Christianity, but Jews don’t really believe in The Devil.

Chase D

Beezlebub is the demon of gluttony, you can really choose any really (Krounos, Saturn) and it is some what true, but judism did most of it really. They demonized the serpent while vooddoo in africa is a holy symbol.


Satan has many names. Beelzebub translates to “lord of the flies”. Demons are fallen angels that once enjoyed the glory of heaven but hooked up with Satan when he decided to challenge God’s authority. In my estimation Satan has made a hobby of challenging God’s authority all through eternity. Don’t fall for his lies.




No Jesus spoke of Beelzebub as another name for Satan the Devil.


Beelzeboob is from another era… I guess…
According to the Bible writers as soon as God created Heaven during the “week of creation” with all the angels, 1/3 of them were not one bit impressed with God’s beauty and holiness. They rebelled against God on the SPOT and became known as Demons along with Lucifer* (*Light Bearer) the most beautiful and intelligent angel ever created! He became known as Satan, the Devil, and so on. God created the angels with the capacity to become demons. Almost half of them turned into demons as soon as they were created! There is no information of whether God warned them at all! God gets so p*ssed off at all these dissenting angels that he didn’t provide them with a Savior, instead he created a sulfuric fire burning HelI to punish them for ever and ever not right away, but after the “rapture” that according to the preachers will take place anytime soon! In the meantime God in his infinite wisdom is in need of the help of all the Demons and the Devil to give good men like Job a Hell of a time, to tempt/test God the Son Jesus Christ, and to make life miserable for the misbehaving Christians that fall for the temptations of a pleasurable life!
The primitive Bible writers say that God created the Heavens and the Earth. To the Babylonians Heaven was known as a firmament from where the stars were hanging. They claim that God separated the waters under the firmament from the waters above the firmament! The bulk of the Old Bible was written in Babylon by the Jews who were held captive there! Today we know that this universe of ours is at least 78,000,000,000 light years wide. Astronomic distances are measured in light years. 1 Light SECOND = 186,000 miles or 300.000 km. Any Christian with a measurable IQ can figure out how many seconds we have in one year and multiply by 186,000 miles or 300.000 km to get the linear distance of just ONE (1) LIGHT YEAR!! There is no room here to accommodate all the zeros! It is an ASTRONOMICAL number that would have blown the mind of the Bible writers who believed that in this humongous universe this speck of dust that we call the Earth was the center of the universe and that the stars were hanging from a firmament above the Earth. They had no clue about the properties of light! The Bible writers took it for granted that the light of the most distant stars reached the Earth at the moment of creation! 6,000 years ago God said a magic word and the whole universe was created in 6 days and on the 7th day he had to take a day off to rest like any loyal union craftsman! In the following weeks God had to start patching up all the glitches in his creation like putting together a woman (Eve) after God admits that his idea of creating man alone was “no good” after all because no animal was found to be good enough to mate with Adam. The Christian dogma used against same sex marriage that God created ONE MAN FOR ONE WOMAN from the beginning doesn’t square with the Bible story AT ALL! God wanted Adam to find a MATE AMONG THE ANIMALS! God created Eve as an afterthought some time after the original creation week. God had to use one of Adam’s ribs to put together Eve! She was not created out of the dirt of the ground at the same time Adam was created! Christians make the rules as they play the game of Christian supremacy forcing their religion on everybody else even by secular law!
God was busy creating the Earth, the Heaven and Hell to do anything else about the “UNEXPECTED” angelical rebellion right away so he scheduled to have all the dissenting angels evicted from Heaven and cast down to Earth along with Lucifer during the “Tribulation Period” after the Raptureâ„¢. Most Preachers who follow this primitive Bible script claim that this event will take place any time soon at the end of the world so that is why most Christians are not one bit serious about nature conservation programs! They believe that soon NOWHERE in this humongous UNIVERSE there is going to be a single demon stranded in any planet anywhere, but they will all be here on this microscopic speck of dust that we call Earth before going to Hell to be tormented with “fire and sulfur” for ever and ever along with all those who were never lucky to hear about “Jesus” to surrender their heart to him! Nowadays, Christians believe that Satan and the demons are everywhere at the same time or that they move around very quickly and that they commute back and forth from their place of residence in Heaven with full access to the Holy Throne of God…!
Revelation 12:9-10 (KJV) And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which DECEIVETH the whole world he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for THE ACCUSER OF OUR BRETHREN IS CAST DOWN, WHICH ACCUSED THEM BEFORE OUR GOD DAY AND NIGHT.
Apparently, this wanking God has no more use for the Devil, the most beautiful creature ever created and never duplicated! God’s creationist activities timed out after creating Adam and Eve. So up to the End of the World SATAN and all DEMONS are busy DAY AND NIGHT blowing the whistle before God on the misbehaving Christians, especially on cheating Christian spouses and naughty teenagers! God is eagerly collecting information on the input provided by Satan and the Demons DAY AND NIGHT! They never turn the lights off to go to sleep around the Holy Throne of God! And this wanking God is never bored doing all the time the same tedious job to this very day!!! You can tell that Heaven is run by very low IQ aliens! Satan is very much respected in Heaven! No angel has the power to hurt or offend Satan (Jude 1:9)! Only Christians today pretend to exorcise this imaginary Satan who doesn’t exist outside of the Bible!
If the Bible stories were true it is a shame that not even one single “Guardian Angel” was available to watch over and protect Eve from committing an UNKNOWN EVIL like eating from the fruit of the KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. Considering that God Loves humankind so much and Eve was so innocent going about TOTALLY NAKED and totally ignorant about any evil issue like eating a forbidden fruit that if left hanging on the tree would eventually fall on its own and rot! God chose not to provide a “Guardian Angel” like we see in so many cartoons trying to wise up the person undergoing any little Devil’s temptation. The wanking Bible writers claim that this fruit had the potential of sending the bulk of humanity that God loves so much to Hell “prepared for Satan and his angels” (Mat. 25:41). So in the Bible script they let the fate of the whole human race at the hands of an inexperienced and FULLY INNOCENT woman! It was a set up! Eve learned that it was evil to eat the forbidden fruit of knowledge ONLY when her “eyes were opened and realized that she was naked!” The story has GOD setting up Eve so the bulk of humanity ends up in Hell! The Bible writers say that God planned it to be that way “before the foundation of the world” because God’s pleasure was to sacrifice his “only begotten Son Jesus Christ” to fix his own screw ups!
1 Peter 1:19-20 (KJV) But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot* (*but full of Roman spit!): WHO VERILY WAS FOREORDAINED BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!* (*one has to be an obvious moron to be a Christian! The wanking perverts that wrote the Bible never imagined the success that their work was going to have on the bulk of humanity especially in an advanced nation like the USA!)
About 1,000 Bible years after the “Creation Week” in the days of Noah more angels banded together to quit Heaven when they noticed that the girls from around here were “BEAUTIFUL” so they had sex and family with them (Gen 6:1-2) — This is a clue in the Bible that the male angels were created with well hung sexual organs, and that sex in Heaven must be either very lousy and restricted to the “missionary” position only or the female angels, if any, are very ugly and prudish so they had to look elsewhere to satisfy their GOD ENDOWED sexual cravings. GOD is not capable to keep all the angels happy in Heaven hardly 1,000 Bible years after the first angelical rebellion! So the male angels had to look elsewhere to enjoy some good sex… and Christians pretend to be happy for all eternity in Heaven worshipping this same virtual God put together by the Bible writers! They claim that without gullibility or rather FAITH (spiritually speaking) it is impossible to please God! (Heb 11:6) They insist that they wrote the Bible “as they were led by God the Holy Ghost”! In fact they claim that they didn’t know what they were writing until they read what they wrote and were amazed! (2 Pet 1:21) There ought to be some classes in school teaching kids how religions function in real life environment, especially the Judeo/Christianity/Muslim religion! Most Christians hardly read the Bible and stop to think what they are reading! They let their favorite preacher tell them what Christianity is all about. The classical, “When we get to Heaven God will tell us all that we need to know” is what makes Christianity so thriving! I went to Christian College and I honestly read and taught “the good stuff” in the Bible in my Christian ministry for many years without paying much attention to the crap that I had to discard of the Bible, but I slowly went back over the whole Bible again and it got me to the point that I had to shout, “HOLY CRAP!” It is amazing all the sh*t that the average Christian must believe to go to a place that doesn’t exist outside of the Bible!


They didn’t, the mentioned demon, is actually the leftover spirit of the mating of an angel and human woman.
Because it was carnal and would not stop the ways of corruption, the giant by that name, was finally killed, but because there are no places for the spirits of these unions, they walk the earth. The spirit was still very powerful, even without a body, and began to force mankind to worship him.
There’s more, but that is the basics
Chris T.


Raith is correct — the term Beelzebub does appear to come from the ancient Canaanite deity knowns as Baal. But The adoption of the name, as well as a number of other names for demons predates Christianity. The story of Lucifer for example comes from Jewish tradition. Lucifer later became known as Satan (which means “enemy”), and Beelzebub and other names interchangeably.


As a Christian, I am not a Pagan. Beelzebub is ‘lord of the flies’. The flies are the demon spirits. The little ones.
I have recently realized that I have caught some on film. They like to hide in plants or trees. Those little bubs.
Beelzebub is the lord of the flies. So the satan of the demons. The Pharisees were trying to accuse Jesus of going to the satan of the demons to heal people. Jesus said that blasphemy of the Holy Spirit isn’t forgiven today or tomorrow.
The Holy Spirit isn’t those demon flies or the lord (baals) of those demon flies (bubs).

Bro. Dan

Baal, the son of El and brother of Astoreth. El’s territory was the vicinity of Canaan. He was the moon god, also known as Nannar or Sin. Yeriho or “city of the moon god” was named in his honor. The Sinai was named after him. They were all aliens, not spiritual beings.. Baalbek also known as the Crest of Zaphon was Baal’s launching pad.


To know more about our true gods corrupted by the church vist
u must visit this site to know the hidden and suppresed truth…….


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