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Which one do you believe in: Western or Chinese Astrology?

So basically that’s the question. Which one do you believe? Follow the most?
It’s strange. For me, I’m divided in the two. Can’t say I firmly believe in it but in terms of who I get along with, at work, love or with friends, it’s weird. I mean, Western astrology tells me one thing & then, the Chinese one tells me the complete opposite. Which is one best to follow?
Not saying this is something we live our life by daily, but to read for curiosity, that’s all.


  1. Each system of astrology has its own uses, and all of them are horribly misunderstood, especially by those claiming they have “debunked” them. 🙂
    I personally practice Western Astrology. Astrologers will differ on the hows and whys of astrology. I can only speak for myself. The stars do not make anything happen to you, they’re only reflecting what is already happening via synchronicity. A good analogy is that a clock striking noon doesn’t make you eat lunch, but it does make it a lot more likely than lunch will be had. I do not believe that astrology can predict specific events, only archetypal themes that will be in play. A particular aspect can play out in an infinite number of ways, but it can not “just mean anything,” it will stick to the archetypal themes of the planets, signs, houses and aspects involved.
    Astrology does NOT try to fit everyone into 12 boxes, and far from being purposely vague, most of you would be surprised by its complexity. A full astrological chart is based on the date, place and exact time of birth and you have a minimum of 7 planets, 12 signs and 12 houses, and the geometric relationships between them, as well as transits and progressions. Actual astrology is so complex that no one else will have the exact same chart as you do for millions of years.
    I do not find Chinese astrology to offer as much insight, because like the Sun-sign horoscopes here in the west, it’s only considering the cycles of one planet, and thus not able to get as specific as other forms of astrology using all the planets can.
    And an FYI: Contrary to popular belief, astrology has never been “debunked” by science because the ones trying to debunk it stop at the newspaper columns and never explore the subject in its entirety. In fact, most of the arguments used against it show a total and utter lack of understanding of what astrology actually is and what it actually does. (We know all about the two different zodiacs, we know about the Precession of Equinoxes, the geocentricity is because we’re born on Earth *not* because we don’t acknowledge the Sun as the center of the Solar system, there is no 13th sign because zodiac signs are *not* the same thing as the constellations bearing the same name, etc.) And we also count among our number several doctorates and other highly-educated people who learned it so they could disprove it and found they were unable to.

  2. First off, this question is posted under wrong category.
    Secondly, when you say Chinese astrology, what do you mean? Please don’t tell me you are talking about the 12 animal signs, etc. The birth year animal signs are way too shallow for any meaningful discussion or guidance. If you really want to have meaningful analysis, please look up wiki for “Zi Wei Dou Shu”, or “Ba Zi”.
    Please post more detail.


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