Which of these two would you do?

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I just can’t decide. I want to do something that is good for me physically, mentally and spiritually. I am in the UK.
Choice A: http://www.yogaballetfusion.com/yogahols.htm#Dahab
Choice B: http://www.burrenyoga.com/ireland-retreats/kundalini-yoga-and-gong-bath-salvador-sotantar-dec27.html
Thanks very much.

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~Tabitha~ :)

i like the first one 🙂
thats the one i’d go with

All I want for Christmas is BA❤

whichever one was best for my budget!


choice A

Naughty Santa

I think either one would be good, but only you know your mind and body and what you want to achieve, so I suggest you read up on the two styles and then make your decision.


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