Home Discussion Forum which of these two photographs is best for a japanese photography contest?

which of these two photographs is best for a japanese photography contest?

so, i like the 1st one, but my teacher (shes japanese) likes the 2nd one. I need to choose one for the japanese picture contest for UTSA~ thanks! the theme was garden and zen, Tea. so yeah!
Pic one:
Pic two:
also, any critism would be cool~
the 1st one, the cup cmae out a bit full, and its cut off :/
as for the 2nd, i hope they dont mind that the cup isnt as clear as the water came out! also, the water, blocks part of the cup in the back ground, so i hope its not too bad. :/


  1. I think I like the second one best, but neither are ‘great’. The composition is a little off in both, but the first is worse because the cup is cut off, which I don’t like at all.
    Maybe you could try shooting again? I like the angle of the first better, but try not to let the cup be cut off, and make sure it’s perfectly in focus.
    I had a quick look at your photostream and out of all of your pictures I like this the best: http://www.flickr.com/photos/45896092@N03/4886779605/ The composition and lighting is stunning, although the picture quality is a little low, and it doesn’t fit the theme of the composition.

  2. Neither are competition winners and neither is particularly good really.
    First one is just plain messy and not well composed.
    2nd one has the focus on the stream coming from the spout and would be better on the cup and stream. Also the background is messy. Again the compostion and angle it is taken from don’t work.

  3. 2nd. The composition is much more dynamic, rather than the ordinary, uninteresting, composition of the 1st one.
    I also looked through your gallery and i think you have some really awesome ideas! A few are a bit cliched, but you’ll definitely get through that. You have good taste 😀

  4. I personally think that the 2nd one is a better use of positive and negative space. The focus is on the action of the pouring as opposed to the filling of the cup.
    The texture in the table is nice, the 2nd one does a much better job using that texture to its advantage. It directs the eye more. The more you get the eye to move over a picture the longer the viewer has to connect with the picture. The greater the connection the better you have done.
    Your teacher most likely like the 2nd one because of all the good elements it contains.
    Listen to your teacher, it sounds like she knows her stuff.
    You might find “Photography: The Art of Composition” by Bert Krages to be insightful.
    Or if you can attend one of the Art Wolfe Seminars he also has a class called “The Art of Composition”
    He has a good way of teaching composition that is easy to understand.


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