Home Discussion Forum Which of these tattoos do y'all like more?

Which of these tattoos do y'all like more?

I’ve been really thinking hard about a tattoo and finally decided I want one on my back. Both of these hold different meanings to me but I can’t decide which I’d prefer to do. The first one would be mainly on my right shoulder blade but extend to most of my upper back, the other is self-explanatory.


  1. i prefer the first one. it’s dark and it doesn’t take up too much space. that way, you can get more tattoos if you desire or it won’t take as much time to remove it because it’s smaller.

  2. Da one for da back…After I give birth datz kind of da idea I have for next summer…But its something like dat…Going down da spine…It will hurt…But it will also look hot if u find a real talented tatto artist….
    Good Luck…

  3. think harder. every picture tells a story
    snakes = satan the other isn’t you.
    style class reason and story are not
    working in these images . Make them
    pop baby.

  4. Youd better be prepared for a hideous amount of pain if you want to get the spine one – personally I think that one is better because the other one is very unoriginal, but it depends on the meanings they have for you.

  5. I really like the second one, i like how it would look like ur spine and all that stuff i think it would work better on a female body too


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