Which of the occult arts is best for divination: astrology, numerology, or proctology?

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What is number three, Alex!

Daniel Dawning

Aeromancy. reading clouds and stuff.


From a scientific perspective, proctology, because it’s quite good at predicting whether you’re going to die of cancer of the bowel or prostate or not, which the other two aren’t.


Spiritualism? like Edgar Cayce type stuff? o.O

Dr. Eric vonAnderseck

Check out the history of the founders of these arts. Why the fallen watchers introduced to the adamites these things.
Baptism of light
Fallen watchers
Why am I here


In my experience, proctology has rendered the most thorough spiritual cleansing.

Scuzzy Lovey

For those of you that believe in telekinesis please raise my hand.

Jayden's ♥Aunt♥

I believe proctology, darling…it appears to be the basis for the other two.

Devilishly Sexy Occulty

I’m glad you came directly to me with this question. The answer is, Opening your Bible to a random page, placing your finger on a random verse, performing all sorts of mental gymnastics to make it apply to whatever problem it is you’re dealing with, and then pretending that “The Holy Spirit” inspired you with the answer.
…aaaand, you’re welcome.


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How is Chakra belief demonic in nature, spiritually asking?

If it is seen this way by some, could there please be an explanation of how arrived at such a belief??
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