Which Martial syles are best representitive of the four Elements? Not just Kung-Fu, all styles.?

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I am wondering what styles are best reprsentitive of the four Elements, EARTH, WIND,WATER and FIRE. Also the fifth element, the unseen element, or ether. I am going off of the Ayurvedic elements becasue I belive this is the truest model. I know the traditionla chinese are differant, but I believe in the Ayurvedic or pagan. Ideal. I am not looking for the styles on Avatar the last airbender. I am looking for the best styles to represent each element.Or perhaps a style that integrates all four or five. I have myself figured Jeet Kune Do-WATER, KravMaga-FIRE, QiGong -AIR, and Ninjitsu-ETHER, also maybe Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu is EARTH. How about everyone else. I don’t know anything about the martial arts however so expert advice is preferable.Perhaps Jeet Kune Do is best for combining all elements. Any help is welcome.
That is totally not what I am asking about, so go away.

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Many Eastern historians believe that the earliest martial arts were invented in India. I know that India has several different fighting styles. The Boddidharma brought his fighting and training techniques to China where he accepted several students and taught them Dyana Buddhism which they called Chan Buddhism, which was later referred to as Zen Buddhism.


Qi-Gong actually uses Spirit, but Elemental Transformation is found within each Element, as in; Fire of Water, and so on.
Your list is fine for seeking the Elemental attributes of each style. My most fruitful practice involved using a Ritual Circle and immersing my Conciousness into each Element, and allowing each to come to the surface in its own Way.
When one moves from Qi-Gong, into Gong-Fu, the Elements are used to overcome the Adversary, which of course, is onesself.
edit: There is also Celtic Martial training, which involves the Spear-Air, the Sword-Fire, the Helm-Water, and the Shield-Earth.
Good Luck on your Path.


JUJITSU FOR WATER. You gently flow around your opponent and they drown in the transitional flow of your techniques.
TAI CHI FOR WIND. The circular blocking mimics the push of the wind to redirect an opponent’s attack.
MUAY THAI FOR EARTH. The art of eight limbs crushes opponents like an earthquake.
HAPKIDO FOR FIRE. The seamless combination of striking with joint locks and throws is as relentless and destructive as fire.
NINJITSU FOR THE ETHER. To remain unseen, and unsung for your deeds whether good or bad. What could represent the unknowable better than ninjitsu?


Those four elements are not representative of martial arts.
Figuring things out yourself is not wise as you are deceiving yourself – no offense – but you obviously do not have the understanding needed to make these assumptions.
Wind cannot be an element because it is the result of a natural phenomenon – pressure. Elements are being pushed around.
Five Element theory as applies to martial arts is a science and part of Acupuncture/Dim Mak. It has to do with the relationship each energy has with another.
It has nothing to do with spiritualism, which is what the “elements” you mentioned have to do with. It also has nothing to do with video games.
Ksnake – Chan was not later changed to Zen. Zen is the Okinawan and Japanese for Chan.
Too much misinformation. You kids are too much into fantasy.

Jin of the wind

All elements are results of natural phenomenon, you fool. Go back to reading the dictionary


Okay, so you aksed this question before, and I cocked it up, so now I want to make it up to you.
Fire – Personally, I don’t think Krav Maga is a good choice. The Krav Maga is not an ecletic martial art system, rather, it was developed with the perception that the classic martial arts were lacking various elements, giving it a rather ‘mix of all the elements style’. Krav Maga’s main principle is to neutralize the threat and then attack, giving it a water feel. It also emphasises adaptability which would give it a wind element.
My viewpoint is that something a lot more aggresive and flashy, with lots of kicks, should represent fire. I’m thinking of Capoeria or Muay Thai.
Water – I can see why you would choose Jeet Kune Do becuase Bruce Lee himself said that we should ‘be like water’. As far as I’m aware of though, I haven’t seen Jeet Kune Do practitioners mimic any characteristic of water. I would recommend a more internal martial art. I’m thinking of Liuhebafa, also known as ‘water boxing’.
Or perhaps any soft martial art, like Judo or aikido.
Wind – I can see your line of thinking. Qigong involves movement and/or regulated breathing. I should mention though, that Qigong isn’t a martial art. However, I can’t think of any other martial art that could represent that element other than Bagua, but you’re already aware of that. Perhaps Eagle Claw Kung Fu? That’s a long shot. You’ll definately want a martial art that emphasises evasive footwork, and possibly circular motion and/or footwork.
Earth – I can see your line of thinking here as well. BJJ involves ground fighting. Ground, therefore earth. It’s easy to make that link. But you’ll notice that BJJ practitioners don’t mimic any characteristic of a rock or earth. Atleast, not that I’m aware of.
I would think the best is a martial art that has linear footwork but not a lot of high kicks, emphasizing a solid root in the stance. These are common in southern chinese martial arts.
The direction of movement in Xingyiquan forms is predominately linear. There are few kicks in the style and the techniques are of a predominately percussive nature. Great emphasis is placed upon the ability to generate power with the whole body and focus it into one pulse which is released in a sudden burst. Xingyi is characteristically aggressive in nature and prefers to move into the opponent with a decisive blow at the earliest opportunity. The idea is to effectively run them over like a truck.
Muay Koshasan (Elephant Boxing style) coyuld be good as well. Muay Koshasan is also known as Muay Chang Tumlai Roang – (Smashing Elephant Boxing style) in that it emphasizes a lot of throwing, crushing, and breaking of joints and limbs.
As for Ether. Well, I think you mean Aether. Ether is a chemical compound. I’m not so sure about that. I do know that in Taijiquan, The term “Taiji” refers to the ancient Chinese cosmological concept of the interplay between two opposite yet complementary forces (Yin and Yang) as being the foundation of creation. “Quan” literaly means “fist” and denotes an unarmed method of combat. That’s all I can say really. I think Ninjutsu is good though.


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