Home Discussion Forum which martial arts can beat Tai Chi?

which martial arts can beat Tai Chi?

I guess no, any opinion or experience that which martial arts can possibly beat Tai Chi ?


  1. Its not what MA can beat it. Its about how experienced the practitioners are. Like i said in one of my other answers, Taiji uses the opponents strength and aggression against him. Taiji takes a lifetime to master. Are u a Taiji practitioner or are u just interested in it?

  2. LOL, about 90% of them. Given 2 people of similar build and ability, tai chi has not a hope of winning.
    In Tai Chi, you are not learning to defend yourself, you are learning a very ritualized kind of “fighting” (pushing hands) that you will never encounter anywhere in real life unless maybe you are in China. After 20 years, you can push around other people who are under the exact same rules as you, that’s about it

    • Are you stupid? Pushing hands isn’t a way of fighting. It’s a system developed to soften the muscles and feel your opponent’s force. That way, grabs can be manipulated easier and punches can be felt fast enough to divert them. Don’t speak out of ignorance you fool.

  3. Tai Chi vs any one style is gonna be fighting skill vs fighting skill in the end.
    I think Tai Chi in combo with another style is the way to go. I personally train in Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do and Tai Chi and am training for a MMA career. Its a good lil trick especially against grapplers, they don’t really expect such angular, pushing counter–attacks, which will lead to a good opening shot or take down if Im aggressive enough.
    My answer, Tai Chi + 1 or more styles = arguably tough!


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