Which literary characters spring to your mind when you think of a near death awakening experience?

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I’m writing a paper on death in literature and I could use some examples of characters who change completely due to confronting death (such as Dickens’s Scrooge or Tolstoy’s Ivan Ilych). So, it needs to be a near death experience induced change. Any examples?

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The Duck

Dr. Zhivago? I think he almost died sometime in the book…
Jonas, in The Giver, after the Giver gives him a memory of war.


Bell swan from twilight
she was willing to risk her life for the one she truly loved and that takes real courage. she learnt from it all that, true love is worth dying for and that dying may be easy but living is harder. it sort of opened her eyes up to how much she really did love her mother for trying to save her…but she was tricked and also her ONE TRUE LOVE edward she didn’t want ot put him or the other cullens at risk, so she ran off and nearly died so the ones that she dearly loved wouldn’t have to risk their lives for her.


Of the top of my head is Mitch Albom’s For One More Day. The main character, Charley, tried to commit suicide (although I don’t know whether suicide counts in your paper). He failed of course, and when he realized that he didn’t die when opening his eyes, he saw his mother who is already dead. Then the whole story revolves around self reawakening with his mother guiding him. He also got to understand more of his mother. After discovering and making peace with all the errors in his life, he finally felt contented and make things right.

Jennifer Cullen

Bella Swan from Twilight. She died, but got resurrected from the dead by Edward’s vampire venom. she became a vampire as a result.
Also Artemis Fowl because he died also, but was brought back by Holly Short. I think the result was he got magical powers or maybe Holly’s eye color?


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