Which is the most spiritually advanced city or place on this planet?

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I mean shamans, priests, spiritual powers, talking to gods, levitation that kinda thing….where magic like stuff is just part of life. I mean to say where true understanding of divine is truly exceptional even if that means a tribe in a forest somewhere. Please don’t reply with religious pilgrimage and cities… they are not exactly what I am looking for. I heard African countries see lot of magic and face lot of nonsense because of its wrong use. So is africa the most advanced continent spiritually?

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if you believe that sort of thing probably Jerusalem

Don M

Surry, Maine.


nope…. india is more superstious like cutting coconut before starting a thing, taking a bath in river, praying cow, taking another rote if a black cat crosses, crows , taking right step out while doing something new outside etc etc
= more spiritually advanced

Bronz Kratliss

It’s the spot where an ancient hatred has become a new friendship. That is what spirituality is really about.


Bermuda Triangle.


Denmark and Iceland both seem to be doing a good job with the green movement. Might be bringing them closer to the land spirits.


That would be Funeral city(Chicago)


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