• The best procedure is to abandon the attempt. You are playing with spiritual powers that, not being in subjection to the LORD, are a trap for destruction. Do not think this is just a game or safe play. It is not. You may wish you never found out the difference between dwelling in the safety of obedience to a loving God, Yahweh, or venturing out into spiritual realms disregarding His warnings given for your safety. There is a lure of power and, even as a Darth Vader type, reflecting the corruption that comes with a lust for power outside of service to the LORD, the evil one seeks to use you for his purposes but cares not for your soul. He only comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

  • My friend xempt has done it lots of times …here i’ll post links to her answers…she answered a couple of people’s questions and it seemed to help them maybe it’ll help you

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