Which is more important spiritually:?

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1. Wearing your Mormon underwear.
2. The Jewish Yarmulke (the tiny cap that covers a man’s bald spot)
3. A Nun’s Habit (Her black and white robes)
4. The Hijab (Hiding place for Islamic women)
5. Getting baptized in water.
6. Becoming CLEAR
7. Ending the cycle of KARMA
I do not come to bring peace – but a sword.
Sometimes the only method of enlightenment is revolution.

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Vicarious Cynic ((Hug Brigand))

Breathing. Just breathing.

Ol' Doc

1. Only if they’re clean
2. Not the right use stated
3. They’re not in them 24/7
4. Not the right use stated
5. Its called a bath
6. I prefer getting drunk
7. Do you even know what Karma is?
Judging by these questions, you are either a troll, someone that just wants to get a rise out of people, or completely ignorant.

June smiles

Living, learning and establishing a philosophy you can hold dear.

Pernelle Flamel

None of these are important spiritually, with the possible exception of the karma one. What you wear, dunked or sprinkled, or following dogma have little to do with one’s spirit. All these things have to do with following the structure of a religion, not the practice of one’s intimate faith in God/The Universe. I excepted karma because it does have something to do with spirit/soul. In it’s simplest form, people understand karma to reward good for good, and bad for bad. If you strive to make your spirit pure, or good, you incur good karma, if you do not, you incur bad karma. But many times that idea can be so structured that it becomes dogma as well. (to thsoe of you who have studied the subject, please excuse the simplicity of ‘how karma works’ in this answer. Since this answer is intended to be read by the average person, I chose to use the popular thinking, rather than the exact truths of karma.)


What’s more important spiritually is for you to have a little respect for another person’s religious beliefs.


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