which is more believable:tarot cards, numerology or the typical crystal ball fortune telling?

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pls explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of each

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numerology and tarot cards

Genius Cook

Chicken entrails…

Fridge Raider

Tarot cards. The combinations are endless and crystal clear (just read what’s in the fecking cards), hence you can go into more detail.
Numerology divides things in only 11; 1 to 9, 11 and 22. Nothing more, nothing less. That is very restricted.
Crystal ball interpretations are open to too much interpretation, they’re vague and the fortune teller will usually end up saying whatever they *think* they see.

J. R

This is a provocative question! They all fall under the umbrella of phenomenology, which is too broad a subject to be answered in this forum. Try http://www.tarotamerica.com for a broader discussion.

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