Home Discussion Forum which is better to use tarot cards or a Ouija board?

which is better to use tarot cards or a Ouija board?

i’ve used both i just want others opinions about which they think is better


  1. none of them is better, Ouija board would attract angry spirits and i don’t believe in tarot cards to be efficient in telling the future…a word of advice mate, don’t be to curious about the future because if you are a believer in such a thing and the cards tell you of some horrible thing that is about to come you will start to lose your head and do whatever possible to stop it from happening and this way you’ll end up wasting your life for something that will never happen.

  2. The Tarot cards are great. They aren’t “evil” or anything ( neither is the Ouija Baord it’s all hollywood hocus pocus) but they are beautiful. If your into beautiful things there is such a large selection of cards. I have the standard Ryder cards, I love them, I carry them with me all the time, I appreciate the art in all of them. Do a search and look around, dont buy from other people make sure you can purchase a pack that has never been used because it will have other energy and you want them to be your own personal set.
    Good luck, I take reading very seriously but I dont go nuts or become “fanatical” over it, I hardly ever do my own readings and if i do I take my time with it. Really understand the message. Make sure before you begin your calm and relzxed and have time because it’s all about your time and your space to learn something about yourself.
    The cards will never tell you ” your fat” or ” your a loser get a better job” or ” leave your spouse” that’s not how they work it will give you an insight on the details we all forget at times.

  3. Without a doubt the Tarot cards. I hate to say it, but one never knows how honest the spirit is when using a Ouija board, but the guardian that helps you with the Tarot will always be faithful to you and not lead you astray.

  4. they both work on the same principals. spirits altering the movment of an object. because ouija boards can spell, the are more dangerous.
    i wouldnt use a board unless u are sereous about it and respect it as you would a human because it is a human spirit that oporates it

  5. The Ouija was invented as a 19th century American Parlor game.* Playing cards go back much further, to 12th century China, they were introduced to Europe in the 15th century and the earliest documented case of their use for divination was in 1540 with a method using only the coin suit. The Tarot first appears circa 1410-1430 when the extra cards were added in Northern Italy for various types of card games, and didn’t become commonly used for divination until the 19th century. Since both were originally created as games and only later used as tools for Divination, picking one to use is purely a matter of deciding with which one you feel most comfortable.


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