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Which is a real magick wand?

I know that traditionally people say make a wand out of wood but i found something that said you need a tube, some duct tape, and some aluminum duct tape. Which is better. Also if it is the wood how do you make it?


  1. From what I know wood is best (or more traditional/ancient)
    When you get your wand you can buy “stones” to adorn it with, and they are cheep also. you can but them of the web, just google.
    there is quartz, clear quartz, athymist, ect.

  2. There are special properties of each kind of wood. Depending on your intent and your practice what kind you would use. You can find a lot of information in the Wiccan religion.

  3. Magic is the manipulation of natural energies, so the closer to nature my tools are, the better I am able to focus and draw upon natural earth energies.
    But ultimately, a tool is just a tool. If you wanted to make your wand out of something besides wood, that is entirely up to you – so long as you are able to use it to focus your energy and intent.
    Here are some websites discussing making wands out of wood:

  4. It was traditionally made out of wood, but you can make it out of metals as well. I myself resonate with metals, and in some ways, prefer it. It all depends on what you like, and what types spirits/elements/energies you deal with regularly (i.e. if you deal with fae, you’re not going to want metalics in your workings).
    Other people like to embellish with stones that they resonate with as well. It’s all a matter of choice.


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