Which is a better roller coaster ride of life to you? The rich life, or the HARD LIFE?

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by skahhh:

Life does not always seem FAIR!
Hi! I am a Forgive Affirmed Spirit and this is what I profess and try to act like.
Forgive Affirmed Spirit is the belief in a way of life that is a method of grief resolution and functional communication processing involving active listenning, sympathy, empathy and affirmation of shock, denial, anger, guilt, depression, loneliness and hope…a kind of ego-equilibrium seeking methodology.
A Greater Works of communication and action, a way to learn to love your enemies “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you AS IF YOU WERE THEM!”
And nobody is perfect! NOBODY! We are all judgeable, hopefully in a graceful discerning way! We are all doing our best every moment!
Humans judge everything as we are a part of it. Without difference, we have nothing to live for, nothing to witness. Sin is difference, the relative seriousness with regards to law and survival of other beings, is punishable by the courts. The best way to judge is with as much graceful discernment as one can muster in a given moment!
Life is the question(uncertainty) asked by the exhaling infinitely compacted imagination invention, or no thing, which is completely certain of everything, completely omniscient or all knowing.
When I die, I believe I will be in a new state, aware of all that is and yet divided into the nature of dust that I am in, whereupon my dust shall fall. My being will remain an infinite part of an infinite being and infinite knowledge without my material human being status of now. So there will be a change.
But my soul, my passions and discompassions, will move on to infinite places of comfort and challenge. Able to return to this state of uncertainty and free choice illusion for another ride when it is called effectively to do so.
So that the children of God, the creations of God, .. are actually part in parcel of that God or Creation Energy!
This life is a roller coaster ride. Enjoy your passion within it and whatever gathering of two or more in Forgive Affirmed Spirit to make it better can garner.
Healing be unto you and yours and me and mine in
Forgive Affirmed Spirit
tavytill, what am I soliciting? What am I seeking? This is a question that I hope brings resolve to those suffering hardship, that their lives are not in vain!
Of what harm is this? Of what comfort does it give to some that you would seek to destroy?
joionein……I did not say Life was not Fair. lol. We get what we deserve. But I am helping each see, that life does not seem fair……and I think we need to acknowledge that when we try to help people who covet other people’s circumstances. What I am trying to convey here is that there are plusses to a harder roller coaster ride of life, that we sometimes don’t realize…even when we think our prayers or wishes are not being satisfied!

Answer by The Canadian Atheist
“Hi! I am a Forgive Affirmed Spirit and this is what I profess and try to act like.”
And that’s where I stopped reading. I was always told never to speak directly to really mentally ill people…

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At least an Atheist and Christian finally agree on something. I stopped reading at the same line.


Whatever comes as long as inner self keeps guiding.


Life is a roller coaster alright. Right now Im going up. Life is awesome. You are a good writer, you should do articles.


this is soliciting and it’s not allowed.


If it’s a roller coster ride wouldn’t bith be a part of it, part of the so called ups and downs? Life is way fair. Each has exactly what one requires regardless of wghat you have. God is interested in our Becoming Like Him, every aspect of our lives is influnced by that. He Has His Hand In Everything.


In my life, I have never been extremely rich, and I have never been extremely poor. I have lived in the middle lane of life.
There have been ups and downs, but they were mostly things that happened to others close to me, like a daughter that had a child out of wedlock; and a grand-daughter who was raped by her step-father, then later came down with Guillain-Barre syndrome, and is now in a wheel chair; and another grand-daughter that became a drug user when she was in Jr. High school and has now been diagnosed as Bipolar.
All of these things have caused stress in my life, but my belief in God helps me get through them.

June smiles

I liked your message and do agree. I think you are a more grounded and perhaps less selfish person than I am. I thank you for the last paragraph.


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