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Which hobby/activity do you think is best to pursue: fast math, memorization, meditation, or Qigong?

I’m trying to decide which of the hobbies/activities I should take up next as a self-improvement project:
1) Fast Math – learn how to do basic math calculations fast in my head
2) Memorization – learn techniques to memorize stuff, like large lists, people’s names, numbers, etc.
3) Meditation – learn basic meditation techniques to help control stress and calm the body
4) Qigong – a slow-moving, gentle martial art kind of like Tai Chi, to help maintain flexibility and health
I like aspects of each one, so I’m having trouble deciding which to pursue.
Which one would you do? Why?


  1. Qigong. It’s the most complex of those physical skills, and through exercising that you become better at meditation, and a form of memorization (in regard to the form)… and study math when you get the hang of things.
    Good luck.

  2. either meditation or Qigong to improve ones inner self, but you need to have a hobby where you can have some fun too. we all need balance in our life!!~!

  3. I’ve tried all four before. Meditation and Qigong transformed my life, the others deeply didn’t.
    I’d suggest that you take up 4), but before you do, invest some time in
    5) http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials/new-energy-ways/index.html .
    This has a lot of overlap with qigong – it will let you actually feel the energies that qigong exercises are all about. You might find it pretty astonishing. It’ll enhance meditation too should you want to switch horses later on.


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