I made……….several bad mistakes one night, now amongst other things have genital herpes. Doctors have proved to be expensive and useless. Who know you couldn’t cure herpes. Anyway now I’m seeking alternative solutions, what combinations of healing crystals are necessary to cure herpes?


  • Lucid dreaming using the ssild and/or wbtb method. I’ve read seeing yourself healed in the lucid dream state has powerful healing possibilities.

  • (1) smoke weed to reduce the pain
    (2) dont eat any bad food’s such as geneticly modified cause though’s are linked to organ failure.
    (3)take vitamins and minirils
    (4) drink more pure water this will help for peeing better
    (5) meditate … relax calm ur self and have no fear
    (7) crystal heeling has been known to kill cancer off so depending on the person it could be a good method
    (8) next to crystal heeling is runic healing same options basicly
    (9) try to find scrambling gyrura this herbal plant has been known for many mircles and has been well known of killing of HIV and Herpes put it in your diet like a salad for a minimum of 100 days then go get a blood tests your results will improve for the better side!
    as well if anythingthng research in the folowing
    Miniril (A)
    miniril (b)
    miniril (c)
    miniril (h)
    and their effects to trat herpes
    and as well it could help , study and research in more plant like medicine not chemical or pharmisuitical

    and this will help become more spirirtual and open up the light with in you this will help your internal strength

    thus if your religous or athiest you can skip some of these methods based on belife




    YIN – YANG



    good luck my friend 😉

  • Hello,
    that is an intersting topic you are touching upon, obviously with a few of us being quite sure of what can and can’t be done about Herpes Simplex Genitalia or HSV2 in more medical jargon.
    I agree purely biomedically speaking, it is very limiting in what can be done, but that is Bio- medically defined, and you can read all about it on the net…
    Crystal healing is not defined through Bio chemical medicne, and is pre-hyrachial in structure and function, and therefore has great succeses, as I have had with many peolple in this predicament, about a quite large percentage in the U.S. and worldwide alone. So my suiggestion to you is that there are things which work so well, they had to be banned. Gentian being one of them, luckily nothing stands in the way of procuring it hoemopathically.
    Furthermore, crystals work on higher conciousness which is al little different to Science and I suggest just after reading before mentioned coments, there is a certain amount of guilt present, both projected inwards and outwards, I suggest to work with Pine in the Bachflowers, as it not only adresses the Guilt but through my studies of Chinese Medicine guilt also adresses the Lung and Skin tissue, wherever that may be on the body. So you may find that people will not bring out the fear within yourself as it happened in the threat. I also recommend to work with Holly, to love ourselves again, and to let go of toxins in the physical body, perhaps aided by crab apple for those who feel ‘dirty, or otherwise marred for life.
    You are not alone, and there is a lot of help other than bio medical services. As such I respect your choice in this question and would be happy to talk to you to give you some more actual crystal choices, but I feel this is beyond the general understanding and respect you for your very qualified and totally just question. I would be happy to discuss this with you, if you like…. 🙂

  • There is no cure for herpes! The best you can do is to take steps to have the virus remain dormant. That means boosting your immune system, avoiding certain foods that tend to encourage the virus, and avoiding stress and anxiety. The virus only becomes active when it is triggered by something, including stress, anxiety, over-exposure to sunlight.

    So you can take steps to control it, but you won’t cure it. To the extent that healing crystals help you with relaxation and stress reduction, then they can indirectly help to reduce outbreaks. But that’s all!

  • healing crystals won’t cure a virus. The best thig you can do for herpes is take Valtrex, tale Lysine supplements, and avoid foods high in arganine.

    • be very careful of taking lysine supplements, for more than 3 days in a row. it can weaken your immune system. I learned this from holistic herpes doctor Christopher Scipio.

  • Crystals won’t cure herpes. Neither will prayer. You will have it for life and need to learn to control it and practice the safest sex you can to avoid passing it on.

    • That’s not true because I know someone that had herpes and she prayed and prayed and three years later now she has no outbreaks and all her blood test have came back negative each year since she’s last tested. So prayer does work, your faith has to match.

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