Home Discussion Forum which grimoires are the 'originals'?

which grimoires are the 'originals'?

seems the farther you get from those the more wacked people who study their contents get. What are good grimoires and commentaries on them from when magicians were sane?


  1. Grimoires are notebooks for magicians, sorcerers, alchemists and the like. Due to this grimoires are extremely incomplete because they are only notes for the forgetful magician, they are not meant to teach people. I personally want the Book of Abramelin the Magus a New Translation becuase the original translation from Mathers was quite unclear and the new translation is much clearer with instructions. The book shows how to levitate and how to walk on water. It is by George Dehn I think. Also the Sword of Moses is pretty good too. It shows the sigils he used to part the red sea and release the 10 plagues. A good example of how grimoires are incomplete is Goetia by King Solomon. Now King Solomon was sane, yet the book is incomplete. That is why many people today read Goetia, spend countless hours drawing the circle, triangle, hexagram, and the pentagram, then they recite conjurations which last hours to only be rewarded with a headache. The two books I gave you earlier should be good.

  2. I have no idea, but I am going to get a book of that name by a respected British academic. I missed a talk by him. Try to get ones which are seriously researched, though it is hard to know which ones are best.

  3. None of them. Each and every one of them is the ramblings of demented men in the middle and bronze ages who happened to be practicing magic.
    Stop looking to peel back layers to find truth, just look for the next layer of deceptions.


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