HomeDiscussion ForumWhich do you think knows the truer essence of reality?

Which do you think knows the truer essence of reality?

The conscious mind or the subconscious mind?


  1. Truth is or it isn’t…no truer.
    Both have their place. The unconscious is the mind of God with all truth. It reaches us through the subconscious or Christ mind.
    The conscious is being transformed by the teaching of the Holy Spirit into the Christ mind. That which is being transformed is made of illusions, so it isn’t, not less true.

  2. Which side of the coin do you like better, the heads or the tail?
    What’s the most important part of a plant, what’s above ground or what’s below?
    Dualism is one of the biggest problems in the history of western culture.

  3. Both. They exist with each other just as the left part of the brain works with the right side of the brain.
    Realty is your perception and thinking processes in tune with your brain activity.

  4. Those who know the truer reality, and the mind of the Great Old one, God, are scientists. The sub conscious mind has the luxury of glimpsing the mind of the Great Old One through the process of dreaming……dreaming is a portal into the unseen world of a truer reality ……..therefore, the subconscious mind senses the truer reality best…..

  5. This agood question you post more of these.Now to understand reality one will have to go micro that is molecules, atoms and all that is below that. Seeing an object or matter in that case is an abstract of reality,matter is a compilation of molecules,atoms bbl uh bluh.the conscious can’t see beyond matter and the true essence of reality lies below that.There you go.

  6. It’s different for different people.
    For atheists, definitely the subconscious because everyone knows instinctively that there is a God. Their conscious mind is in denial of what their subconscious mind knows to be true.
    Others of us, who are actually aware of reality and of the subconscious mind are able to align the two, and there’s not much difference.


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