Which do you think came first in human 'gradual change,' conscience or consciousness? Tell me why?

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Considering that neither one is quantifiable at all, let alone detectable in fossilized remains, there’s no way to tell.


God created Adam in his own image – with the ability to think, reason, feel, understand right from wrong, and make moral choices. God created man with a conscience when He breathed into man the breath of life, giving him consciousness simultaneously, making him a living soul.


Both were present at the same time. Man was fully functional upon creation. All parts were working.


Humans were created complete with conscience and consciousness by God.


Inseperable. They arose together with each increasing in concert with each other. Consciousness without conscience is an anomaly and a mental illness. They are sociopaths, and occur not only in humans.


I believe consciousness because man had to be aware really quickly to survive.


I think that consciousness preceded conscience. It seems as if animals have consciousness in a very limited sense, but animals don’t have any true sense of conscience. Therefore it seems logical to assume that consciousness came first in the evolutionary history of humans.


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