Home Discussion Forum Which do you consider the most influential book by Anton LaVey?

Which do you consider the most influential book by Anton LaVey?

1. The Satanic Bible
2. The Satanic Witch
3. The Satanic Rituals
4. The Devil’s Notebook
5. Satan Speaks!


  1. heres basically what you said;
    What kind of crap tastes better;
    1. cow crap
    2. horse crap
    3. ferret crap
    so while ferret crap might taste better than cow crap, it doesnt matter because its all crap!

  2. All of them would influence me not to deal with Dark Magics such as that. I don’t know why people dabble in the dark arts. I am a witch myself, but I only perform positive magic.

  3. Damn(tm). I thought he only wrote one. The all look alike and sound alike. The only one I read was the Devil’s Dictionary. I thought it was funny.

  4. First of all no one wants to read such delusional crap known as the bible. For we all know what they lead up to, just look at the first two posts. I like the first one because for some reason it motivates me to live and succeed.
    Edit: lol people like byhisgra.. are funny.

  5. I consider his ability to suck people into such a silly organization to be his biggest contribution. “You can fool some of the people all the time” should have been on his tombstone.

  6. You mean Anton Lavey, the satanist who has “absolutely nothing to do with satan” according to his followers??
    The only thing those books are for is leading you into the fiery pit of hell, my friend. satan cannot fool us. We are sons and daughters of the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, JESUS CHRIST. satan has no power or influence over us if we are in Christ Jesus. even satan himself will be on his knees before the Great and Mighty Lord God, Jesus Christ, who has ALREADY defeated him on the cross. satan couldn’t stop it from happening. and he can’t stop Jesus from coming back and bringing His mighty judgment with Him. Then, satan, your lord will be cast into the Lake of fire and will be burned in eternal torture forevermore. and along with him all who follow and worship him. Power and honor and glory to our Lord, Jesus Christ who is the Righteous Judge of all, and who alone is worthy of our worship and praise. To Him be the glory forever and ever! Amen!
    kneel down satan!! Jesus will be here soon to take back what is rightfully His! And you will be no more! You are powerless and helpless against the Great and Mighty God! But, you know that all too well already, don’t you? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!

  7. Of the 6 book La Vey wrote, the most influential in my opinion was the Satanic Bible, which he published in 1969. This book, his first one describes all the Satanic Rituals as well as their belief system. La Vey basically turns Catholic rituals as well as other Christian beliefs on their head, and adapts them to the worship of Satan. Although the book is considered a sacred text amongst believers in Satan,to me it really represents a spoof of Christian beliefs.I say this because I am not religious and certainly not a believer in Satanism.For a visual description of Satanic Rituals, the movie Rosemary’s Baby presents a pretty accurate rendering.


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