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Which colored candles are used for every corner of a traditional pagan alter?

My friend and i are arguing over this. I know that white and purple can be substituted for any color but I am wondering about the specific color of each element.


  1. I’m not a pagan, but a pagan lady held a pagan ceremony for my church youth-group last year, and if I remember correctly the candles were red, blue, green, and white.
    I could be completely wrong though. Sorry if this isn’t much help =P

  2. I am not pagan, but I could offer a little advice:
    1 Blue candle summons the Archangel Michael
    2 Pink-candles summons the Archangel Chamuel
    3-Yellow candles summons Jophiel
    4-Green candles summons Raphael
    5-White candles summons Gabriel
    6-Gold Candles summons Uriel
    7-Purple Candles summons Zadikiel
    Try to set up an altar, with sodalites, and amethyst and rubies, emeralds, citrines, quartz, gold and the like. Each color corresponds to each Angel.

  3. There are no traditional colors for the candles that are used in a magik circle, and my friend does not use an alter. He places them around the pentagram which is drawn upon the floor. Depending the location the colors would be different. Other things you will need a Atheme (Ceremony Dagger) or Sword, wand, chalice/cauldron, pentacle and White Knife and something to record your Esbates/Rituals in such as a Book of Shadows.
    North = Green (Earth)
    South = Red (Fire)
    West = Blue (Water)
    East = Yellow (Wind or Air)

  4. It is depending on what kind of occasion.They use any type of color but it depends on what kind of element they are using for the occasion.

  5. Pagan doesn’t refer to one religion, but several hundred, many of which don’t bother with candles at all.
    Traditionally in Wicca, candles representing elements don’t go on ‘corners’ of an altar, but around the circle.
    Messenger’s suggested orientations are regularly used in Wicca, but they aren’t usually placed on corners of an altar.

  6. First off, there is no “traditional Pagan”… Pagan is an umbrella term for hundreds, maybe thousands, of religions.
    I’ve never known anyone to actually use candles in the corners of their altar.I know some people will mark the edges of a circle or ritual area with candles at the compass points.
    But basically there is no “one way” it depends on tradition.
    It also depends if people are working with elements, which element they put in which direction…
    A popular correspondence is:
    Earth = North = green
    Air = East = Yellow
    Fire = South = red
    Water = West = blue
    But there are many variations depending on the tradition.

  7. Paganism isn’t a single religion, it’s an umbrella term for the many Pagan and Neo-Pagan religions and paths. However, in Wicca the traditional colours are:
    East – Yellow (Air)
    South – Red (Fire)
    West – Blue (Water)
    North – Green (Earth)
    Though you can use whatever colour you feel is best for each element, do what makes sense to you.


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