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is there a college somewhere where you study metaphysical sciences, pychology, paranormal activity, the afterlife, energy work, study of past lives (or learning about past life regression), everything like that? where is there a college like that and what is it called? thanks sooo much!


  1. No, not really. Parapsychology is not considered an actual science, and no college or university in the US will grant a degree in it. There are a few people doing ‘research’ in the field, notably at Duke and the University of Arizona, but they haven’t come up with anything. There are probably plenty of businesses that will give you a degree in anything you want, including parapsychology, but it’s not an accredited degree and you won’t find a job in it. Basically, it’s because these things don’t exist. That’s the problem here.
    What you CAN do is study abnormal psychology, which can be just as strange and weird and actually exists. Or physics, so you can find out why ‘energy work’ doesn’t actually work. Or any science, basically.

  2. Pennsylvania State University. Ever hear of the show “paranormal state”? its a show on A&E about people that started a group at penn state about paranormal activity and the undead.

  3. collegeboard.com
    you can look for specific majors and stuff..
    all the things you listed might be part of other majors tho..
    a lot of that is psych and like investigative..
    in college you have to do boring stuff before you can get to the good stuff..
    psych is really interesting tho

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