Which chakra??????????????????????/?

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I’m writing a book, and I’m thinking of using chakras. So I looked them up and saw levitation categorized under the throat chakra, but another site said it was the heart, root, and solar plexus. So which one is it?
Also, I’m looking up clairsentience and levitation. Thanks!

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That of the Nine-Tailed Fox.


I would say all chakras. Because, theoretically, if a person has all their chakras balanced / working / open / whatever, they are in perfect shape.
Throat is generally linked with speaking. Heart Root and solar plexus would sort of make more sense (the lower you go, the more physical / instinctual you get). I would still think that it would take all the chakras working together to get levitation to work.
Just speculation. I don’t really believe in Chakras or levitation, but have read of them.

Sanatan धर्म:

it is throat chakra and all other are not


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