Which chakra do you find to be the most active?

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I think my orangey one is my strongest! What’ yours?

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Oswald F

I have been told that I am open to the ninth chakra. It occupies a space about four feet over the top of the head, and is an indication of a high degree of spirtual development. I would have never said this about myself, but I was told this by someone whos life work it’s been to scientificaly examine certian metaphysical ideas. (If asked I would have said the sixth or maybe seventh).

Robin Runesinger

I would say the sixth chakra or pineal chakra. It’s handy because it helps me see what the future holds

Rachelle Cadence of Shangri La

Mine is the “Sacrum” the colour orange too with its primary functions of creativity, sexual energy(for women), desire, pleasure, stability, self confidence, well-being, taste,


The Crown for me, funny everyone is different i guess.


mine are the heart and third eye chakra-as I do healings and am a medium at birth.


well i dont know the names of them but the two that are in my head


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