which buddha represents good health or protection from illness?





I am looking to get a tattoo of buddha with this meaning


  1. For world’s sake there’s only one Buddha and you are using my religion to make you look sexy right!
    You are an idiot! you know that! big shit bag!
    Female buddha! what the hell! are you nuts!

  2. Bhaisajyaguru also known as the Master of Healing or Medicine Buddha.
    His full name means “Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light”.
    I would suggest getting one of him in the lotus position, holding a medicine jar in his left hand and facing his right palm towards the viewer.

  3. there is a Buddha called “the medicine Buddha”, should be the kind you are looking for, usually he is painted in blue color or has a blue bowl in his hands. I don’t remember very well about this.
    I don’t know if you are Buddhist or not, if you are, then I would suggest you not to do this, because it does not mean how much you love/admire/care for the Buddha, it is actually a little disrespectful. Because certain things we should not do in front of Buddha, including sexual relationship, but having a tattoo on you will leave no choice for that, and it’s not respectful. But if you are not a Buddhist, then it’s different. Just a little information for you to know and judge.

  4. A doctor.
    Not an Atheist, all buddhas looks like identical clones. …… By the way, I am a buddhist :P.

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