Which branch of shamanism do you find the most appealing?

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keyword “branch”.

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Frost Shock?

Fetish (not = to) Deletion

i like the feels of the G3A3 assault rifle


Branch? Explain.

Ambassador From Hell

I am not sure what “branch of shamanism,” means. I like that hundreds (and thousands) of years ago a few native American Indian tribes not only had shamans, but as a matter of fact they had homosexual shaman. Homosexuals who were frequently employed as shamans, and they were also called their Holy men. Such men could devote more of their time to the healing arts, and the supernatural since they did not have as much interest in pleasing a wife, or raising their own children. Perhaps one of the reasons homosexuality was not bred out human “survival of the fittest,” genes — because the homosexual shaman enhanced the survival of the entire tribe. Indeed, homosexuality may be beneficial to society.


Could I be possessed by a demon?

by KushKandi: lol, I know this sounds crazy. I just saw a documentary about demons and exorcism on the History channel and...

Isn't physical reincarnation merely the law of conservation of mass?

we recycle back into anything, human or not, we break down into carbon etc and become parts of another thing?

this is about astral projection, celebrities?

this is about astral projection, celebrities can you fantasize about a celebrity and have astral sex with them - the celebrity being astral and you...

Kundalini- third eye opening?

I am afraid of my kundalini snake uncoiling all the way will it hurt when it goes through my head?

Can psychokinesis do these things?

by Lucidity: can psychokinesis be used to: Rapidly heal? Use Hydrokinesis use pyrokinesis use geokinesis use aerokinesis use electrokinesis control time manipulate energy or life force control light become invisible become intangible teleport thoughtform projection/illusion...

How do you react when a medium tells you that you have the ability to be psychic?

I went to see a psychic yesterday! She had no idea who I was or anything about my life and I made sure of...
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